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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bueno everybody

I dont knowif I spelled that right, its hello in spanish. Well the final presentation is over it well, I believe I will get at least a B in the class.

The last day of school was today, so this is a REALLY GOOD friday. WOOHOO, I will however work summer school for 5 hrs a day for 4 weeks. The pace at work will be really laid back and the campus will be very light in traffic, another YEAH!! I am looking forward to lots of creations.

I actually completed my card that has been laying out on my desk for oh about a week. Everything is close to my heart excetp the cuttlebug template.

card stock&stamp pads
Key lime

Stamp set
Playful petals

Spring collection

Hope you like!!
Ta-Ta for now

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Nothing to share as far as artwork. My final presentation board is due on thursday and I am busy doing research and shopping for fabric swatches. My furniture period is Art Deco, so fun I love this furniture style.

What do you think of my new banner? I am still playing with it, I need to work on my blog name, i dont have photo shop and my windows paint shop is not cooperating with me, maybe its just that I dont know what Iam doing. The banner is in .png format and I have never heard of that before. Whis me luck on working everything out, to make the title GRAND!!

Anyhoo the wedding was beautiful and my outfit I dreaded shopping for was SO CUTE and CHIC. I found the entire outfit at Marshalls for under $80, two piece linen pants suit and shoes too!!! Marshalls was only the second store I went to. I was really happy. I took some great pictures of my family, especially my dad. Although I did forget to get a candid shot of him by himself.

I will attempt to create a quick card tomorrow,the stamp set is already out including the ink pads, I just need to stamp it.

Ta-Ta for now

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One crazy week

Iam a little late with my post, but I had a notebook project due today for my furnitre class 19 hours of work, lots of printing, cutting and pasting. Tomorrow I have to shop for a new outfit for a wedding on saturday, get my nails done and take the boys for a hair cut all after work. Iam really not feeling this wedding but my Aunt and Uncle are renewing their vows, so I kinda of have to go. Thank goodness for a long weekend.

Okay enough rambling, the something big I had to share was the bella swap I participated in. I received some fabulous cards 19 to be exact and get this each person stamped their bella on a seperate piece of paper for others to use as they wish. I created to cards so I got double back WOOHOO. Thats 34 new bella images I didnt have so take a look.

Heres my contribution, I showed these before the new camera

The whole shabang

Look at all my bellas, are ya drooling?

Well I wont post for a few days, probably sunday. Have a fantastic weekend, I plan on grilling some real meat on the grill ( ribs and corn )

Ta-Ta for now

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just stopping in for a quick second

Well its been quite a busy weekend. I have not created a thing, but I do have something fabulous to share. I promise you wont be disappointed. Friday my hubby and I went to Stuart Andersons for happy hour, I am not much of a drinker a glass oaf wine here or there, well my old coworkers were there ( unexpectantly) its been 10months since I have hung out with them. So much fun. I spent saturday at the beach with the girls and my 2 sons. It was a perfect day, cool water, yummy snacks and some night cruising at the open promenade mall after the sun set!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Come back tomorrow.

Ta-Ta for now

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Bella and More ribbon

So I took all my little spools of ribbon half American Crafts and half Targets 3spools for a buck ribbon. I love how GREAT they look in the jar. You know I have come to realize that I like alot of my supplies because they are so PRETTY and they eventually look really good on my creations BUT more so for how well they look sitting around me. I can NEVER have to much ribbon. Going into a craft store I always check out the ribbon first, especially the dollar bins!!! GOTTA LUV IT, right?Right!

Jamies Bella sketch challenge, this is from last week. But yet again it got me to CREATE a card, so what it took me two days to create it!!

Cardstock is all close to my heart
Bella stamp
Misc ribbon

Ta-Ta for now

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Too all you mothers! I hope every one had a fantastic day with their families. I had the day off, no cleaning, no coking YEAH. I attended church and back home, dinner was ordered in and I sat here and did what I wanted to do. I received a very nice card from my hubby, he always picks the sweetest cards,(her really take is time reading and choosing the right one) I got my spring/summer robe. I put it on around 4pm and enjoyed every minute of wearing it. My card is not a mothers day card, its a color challenge. Iam not as fast as other bloggers. But Iam doing my best to create the challenges and just create something. Heres what I have for today, Marjories challenge #17.

Ta-Ta for now

PS Sparkle and Cathy Nell , email me your snail mail addie. I have blog candy for you!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dont you wish these little critters could be this cute in person!

I would like to say THANK YOU for visiting my blog, its so EXCITING to see where my visitors are from (thanks to my feedjit live traffic feed). I love to checking out how far away you are so COOL!!

Well I have pulled out a stamp from one of my all time favorite stamp companies House Mouse, there site can be found in my favorite website kinda of in the middle of the list. I did not get to my challenges today but I did create a card, thats one of the goals I have set for myself. I need to work faster I planned on completing at least 2 cards today. I think once I get in the groove of this I will move alot faster.

So heres todays creation.

Ta-Ta for now

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello Monday

See, I told you I would be back soon. So I have a new addiction fresh juice drinks from the newest place down the street. Its called Robeks and they are yummy, we have a Jamba juice a couple of miles away but its not convenient enough for me. This place is a hop skip and a jump from home. I have tried several types of choices but I think my favoite is the Mahala Mango with a powerbek for energy, but I believe the boost is keeping me from sleeping at night. I will have to try a new boost, but the juice is definately staying

The yahoo bella groups color challenge, I did not participate personally but took on the challenge anyways. I need these challenges to keep me going, thanks Sparkle of out her site its AWSOME!!) So here goes.

Heres a picture of the Poppy reserve near my home, every spring we wait to see how the poppys will bloom. This year they are beautiful take a look. If you see a x just left click it and the pic will open.


Ta-Ta for now

Friday, May 2, 2008

Okay Iam really back

I will do much better at keeping my blog current, resulting in more visitors. Because who wants to visit if theres nothing to read or look at. Mid term and work have kept me quite busy, Iam so exhausted when I get home. Well the camera is a dream and I will share just some of my early shots. I have a a few new weekly goals to help me get more done and keep my creativity flowing here they are

1. Do 1-2 challenges a week
2. Create a card everyday
3. At least 1-2 layouts a week
4. Squeeze out 2 projects month

that should keep be MOVING, MOVING, thats a song I keep thinking of and cant remember anything else about the song!

So a little self portrait session with MWHA!

Can you say CUTTLEBUG!! I created this tin box to store my embossing templates, I now have 10, used 1.

My standing stamp of the month card for this month( love how lisa of angles her pics, they look so nice and professional.
So I copied, lets say its one of my photography lessons for May. Thanks Lisa!

I wont bombard you with to much, more later I PROMISE.

PS... I have blog candy for Sparkle, Lisa and Cathy Nell, ladies please excuse my lateness. Please send me your snail mail addie and I will mail out your sweet treats!!!