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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Card Tricks Pink, Black and White style

Iam sure you have all noticed the delay in post, Once again we are down a computer and I am once again sharing with my youngest son. The last computer crash I shared with my oldest son. I should have the mother of the year award and receive a VERY large gift. Its a drag not having access to my laptop when I want, I am so far behind on techy things like my blog and just keeping up with my favorite bloggers. Maybe Santa will brings some new computers to my house this Christmas! Keeping this short on my way out to dinner with the Mr. Did any of you hit the Black Friday sales, I didnt I was fast asleep all cozy and warm. Thats the same place I am every year :)If you did I hope you found some AWESOME deals!

Here are a few cards for once of my classes that I will be teaching at Michaels next month.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage banners

Happy Veterans Day!! Sending BIG thanks to all our Veterans and families for their dedication and sacrifices. Since this is a holiday that means no work so I am going to the movies with my guys (all 3). So glad my sons still like to do this and can bear to be seen with the PARENTS! I am also going to do some stamping in preparation for my Monday class AND do some scrapbooking. I have 2 new scrapbook projects to get me moving other than the traditional way. 1. is the fabulous smash books by EK and 2. the FABULOUS Project Life!! I encourage you to click both of the above names and be sure and watch the videos, you wont be disappointed YOU will be INSPIRED!

Now meet my card!.......

Birthday themed card for my Humbled Artist Swap
8 layers in one spot
2- 3 shades of blue cardstock
Birthday theme
2 embellishments
All supplies by Close to my Heart

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Sketch It Out

Nothing new in my world, life is still amazing BUT busy. My son celebrated his 18th birthday last month, my baby is 18. If I close my eyes I can imagine a little boy sitting on my lap cuddling. I wont get mushy. We had dinner and 2 games of bowling my husband won both games and he wont be quiet about it. He keeps asking if we want his autograph, he also claims he going on the bowling circut. Were definately going for a rematch.

I celebrated my Great Aunts 80th birthday this past saturday. Is that awesome or what, lots of family, seeing old friends I havent seen in 20 years or more. Funny, funny stories told, facts about my aunts life that we never knew. Her kids were hearing things they never knew. dinner, cake and dancing, Fun was had by all!!

This is what I am teaching at Michaels this week. Are those papers yummy or what? The colors OH MY!!

This 2 page layout was created from a sketch

This super cute simple card was created using left over papers from the layout,the sentiment is a Studio G dollar stamp

Another ubber cute card using more leftover paper from the layout and another Studio G stamp

If your in my neck of the woods and have a free Thursday evening join my class, its gonna be FUN!!