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Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello Monday

See, I told you I would be back soon. So I have a new addiction fresh juice drinks from the newest place down the street. Its called Robeks and they are yummy, we have a Jamba juice a couple of miles away but its not convenient enough for me. This place is a hop skip and a jump from home. I have tried several types of choices but I think my favoite is the Mahala Mango with a powerbek for energy, but I believe the boost is keeping me from sleeping at night. I will have to try a new boost, but the juice is definately staying

The yahoo bella groups color challenge, I did not participate personally but took on the challenge anyways. I need these challenges to keep me going, thanks Sparkle of out her site its AWSOME!!) So here goes.

Heres a picture of the Poppy reserve near my home, every spring we wait to see how the poppys will bloom. This year they are beautiful take a look. If you see a x just left click it and the pic will open.


Ta-Ta for now

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