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Thursday, May 22, 2008

One crazy week

Iam a little late with my post, but I had a notebook project due today for my furnitre class 19 hours of work, lots of printing, cutting and pasting. Tomorrow I have to shop for a new outfit for a wedding on saturday, get my nails done and take the boys for a hair cut all after work. Iam really not feeling this wedding but my Aunt and Uncle are renewing their vows, so I kinda of have to go. Thank goodness for a long weekend.

Okay enough rambling, the something big I had to share was the bella swap I participated in. I received some fabulous cards 19 to be exact and get this each person stamped their bella on a seperate piece of paper for others to use as they wish. I created to cards so I got double back WOOHOO. Thats 34 new bella images I didnt have so take a look.

Heres my contribution, I showed these before the new camera

The whole shabang

Look at all my bellas, are ya drooling?

Well I wont post for a few days, probably sunday. Have a fantastic weekend, I plan on grilling some real meat on the grill ( ribs and corn )

Ta-Ta for now


Sandra T. said...

Love those Bellas...I just haven't bought any!!! How do you color them in? DO you use CTMH markers or copics??? Have a great weekend!
Sandra T.

Paper doll said...

I used ctmh markers on mine. Alot of ladies use the copic. They are a litte pricey for me right now. Maybe in the future.

Ditto on the great weekend!!
(I feel all Patrick Swayze now)