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Monday, May 19, 2008

Just stopping in for a quick second

Well its been quite a busy weekend. I have not created a thing, but I do have something fabulous to share. I promise you wont be disappointed. Friday my hubby and I went to Stuart Andersons for happy hour, I am not much of a drinker a glass oaf wine here or there, well my old coworkers were there ( unexpectantly) its been 10months since I have hung out with them. So much fun. I spent saturday at the beach with the girls and my 2 sons. It was a perfect day, cool water, yummy snacks and some night cruising at the open promenade mall after the sun set!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Come back tomorrow.

Ta-Ta for now

1 comment:

Sandra T. said...

The kids are almost out of school and we'll be spending some time at the beach. My fave is Laguna Beach!
Sandra Tejeda