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Friday, January 30, 2009


Hello everybody, are you as happy as Iam that its Friday? Not that it was an a extremly strenuous week, all though I was verbally acousted by a hobo that asked for money this week. I politely told him I didnt have money for him and he became pretty irrate, following me through the shopping center yelling out stuff. Can you believe it. Anyway I just want to sleep in tomorrow, I love to sleep in!!I have a date with my hubby tonight, the movies. Im so tired though I hope I dont fall asleep,I am known to do that from time to time. Look at what I created for my secret sister.....

Code It stamp set by CTMH
Playful Flourishes by CTMH
Notebook papers by CTMH
Cardstock by CTMH
Just blooms by CTMH

Hope your doing something relaxing tonight

Misc button and ribbon

Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Morning

I know, I know Im posting way early. This is not normal LOL. Just a quick post of my cupcake challenge I have about 45 min to post on Taylor blog to qualify. By the way Taylor is having a 1 year cupcake challenge CHALLENGE stop over and read the details.

Stamps by Unity stamp company
Striped ribbon american crafts
Brown ribbon misc
Cardstock by CTMH

Wishing you a FABULOUS monday!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another lazy day, or maybe not to lazy

Well I left the house once today, 7PM to pick up dinner from the cafe across the street. Its freezing outside winter is back, we actually had 79 degree weather last week.I actually haven't done a stinkin thing but try to win stuff on making memories blog, OH Wait I created some really cute gifts for my secret sister. Okay it has been a productive day here!

Retired designer paper by CTMH
Misc ribbon
Cardstock CTMH
Alphabet CTMH
Altered items from Michaels, journal and desk pad

Oh big news Close to my Heart is having a 40% clearance sale starting tomorrow morning. Things will go fast,there will be tons of stamp sets, paper pack, and accessories. You can shop from my website by clicking the CTMH banner on the right.

I made this little number over a week ago

Stamp set by Stmpin Up
Retired designer paper by CTMH
Misc ribbon

I need to start mailing out my cards out and spread the love.

Project 365 #23

Purchased this baby on Friday, yet to sew anything. I hope its works well, it feels plastic but it does have some weight. I bought it due to size, its small enough to store in my little space. Now it is $19 cheaper than the average size machine but I don't have to worry about trying to store the large one. Well I will give it a go and if I'm not happy back it goes to Wally World.

Project 365 #24

This is were I had dinner last night Camille's cafe, hubby loves the chicken Caesar wraps. I took him there last year and wasn't quite sure if he would like it, its kinda a light meal type of place not a meat and potatoes kinda meal BUT he really likes it.

Project 365 #25

This is what I been up to most of the afternoon, updating my website with classes.

Hope I didn't bore you , have a FABULOUS Monday

All day give aways

Hi Ladies just a quick shout out for now Making Memories is giving away goodies all day long

, run, run, run or I should say click,click,click your way over to Making Memories for your chance at winning some great stuff. I couldnt leave my computer during the last CHA show because I was trying to win stuff. I didnt have any luck last time but I am feeling like a winner today!!!

I had a card to share and now I dont, I believe what I thought was my copy of the card was actually one of my swap cards and it was bagged and mailed out. So come back by later tonight for some art!

Have a great sunday

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration day

Well its official the new president has arrived. No matter who you voted for lets pray for President Obama that the Lord will protect him, give him wisdom in his decisons and guidence every step of the way. After all he is our president and needs our support. He has a lot on his plate this country is a mess right now. Enough said I wont talk politics. I think my pic is fitting for today.

Project 365 #20

What a day, what a day. My legs hurt so bad, I have been wodling around like a pregnant women with out the pregnant belly. I did some walking today with my class for a field trip and it was way more than my little legs could handle. You see Iam not a active person, I dont jog or workout WAY TO LAZY TO WORKOUT. Although this year I said I would to tone, build muscle and gain more energy. I want to be like those 80 year old women who look 50 on Opera. Hey I just want to look 10 years younger. They say exercise will keep you young. Anywhoo Iam pooped. Enough jabbering, right?

I have been working on my standing stamp of the month swap and once again Im keeping it clean and simple. I was a little bugged by the this stamp set when brain storming but it fell into place. The possibilities are endless for this set, the egss remind me of beautiful faberge eggs. I plan on making another card with this set Im dying to emboss the eggs. Check out the card.

signing off too pooped to continue

Monday, January 19, 2009

More cupcakes PLEASE

In the past I told you about one of my daily reads Taylored Expression Taylor post a cupcake challenge every friday, there always FABULOUS sketches. I finally have created one after many months. Visit Taylored Expressions you wont be disappointed.

I havent posted my project 365 pictures lately but I am taking them. Sometime its weird taking your camera in certain places and taking pictures, place like the post office or walmart. I kinda take the pictures quickly and sneaky. Hey I dont want anyone calling security, can you see me explaining myself.

Project 365 #18

This is Maximum our 18 month old Terrier mix. This cute guy follows me every where. He spends 90% of the time in my craft studio sleeping,even when Im not in there. If I go downstairs so does he, if I get my purse and keys he runs to the door, tail wagging, sometimes making a few laps around the living room. Sometimes I will take him with me to run errands so he can hang his head out the window and sniff. He cant seem to settle down and take a good nap because hes to busy keeping a eye on me. I am not much of a dog lover BUT I have this cute guy living in my house. I still cant believe it sometimes.

Until later

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy saturday

I think Im on a simple, clean card kick. whadaya think about this one? I likey, especially the white on white scallop and the orange and white strip ribbon. Oh okay I like the whole thing!

BLOG CANDY ALERT Kerry is celebrating her 1 year blogaversary and has some awesome goodies to give away, stop by and pay her a visit.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I didnt intend to REALLY, I didnt.....

intend to stay away all week ARRGHH. I actually had cards and pics to show you all week. But let me tell you its been a LONG week, you know its never easy to go back to work after vacation. I finally made it past 3000 on my counter woohoo.

Iam tickled pink that I have been pretty consistent on creating. More DEDICATED. This word has significant meaning to me its my word for 2009. You see Ali Edwards challenges whoever chooses to choose one little word to focus on for the new year.When you click the above link scroll down further on the same page and you will find what she did with her words for 07 & 08.

Dedicated: ded·i·cat·ed
1 : devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose : zealous
2 : given over to a particular purpose

dedicated to reading my bible and prayer.

dedicated to getting up earlier in the morning for the above and a quiet cup of coffee

dedicated to getting where I need to go on time.

dedicated to completing projects and just being productive

dedicated to getting out and about on the weekends. I can be a real home body

dedicated to my business, and my passion for my business

So since Jan 1st I sit at my desk and actually get productive!!!

Whats your word for 2009?

Okay now take a look at what I have been up to

Martha Stewarts Toy Transportation stamp set
CTMH designer paper
Foofala buttons
Textured trio ribbon by Michaels

I am going to bed the boys are home from the movies, until tomorrow

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I wish I had a cupcake right now

A real cupcake! I love sweets, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, candy bars. I can sit and watch a movie and eat frosting right out of the tub. Yeah I have a real sweet tooth and everybody in my house does too.

Im going to keep this short I need to get to bed, back to the old 7 to 2:30 gig.

So this stamp makes me want a cupcake, too darn cute!

Stamp by Unity stamp company
Perfect Day designer paper by CTMH
Cardstock and ink by CTMH
Punch by Martha Stewart
Misc ribbon
Brads and flowers by CTMH

Project 365 day 11

Isn't that color GORGEOUS!! I have been painting my nails with colored french tip for at least 5 years. Iam addicted. So my usual nail guy was busy and I had to go to Amy the owner ( she rocks) and she complained about my nails. She was actually tired after filing down my mountainess nails down. David has been doing hit and miss jobs on my nails off and on for about 2 months. I only want to see him every 2 weeks not weekly because he needs to fix something, Hubby says maybe thats what he wants(more money for him). I have really been considering firing him and letting Amy be my nail girl. Now its pretty sad when you have to tell your nail guy what he needs to do for your nails. I had Phin tell me if he had been doing my nails I wouldnt be having these issues. I tried to give him a chance but I think little ole David is through, capute, finished, washed up, FIRED.

Good night, dont let the bed bugs bite!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday happenings

First the winner of my bloggaversary stash is JOY, congrats Joy I will be shooting you a email for mailing info. ALSO to Celeste and Silverhartgirl
, I do have a consalation prize for both of you as well..... a mini CTMH acrylic set and also a catalog to boot.

Second have you heard about Becky Higgins Project 365. Its where you take a picture of your day, print and journal about it. She had a awesome kit for this fabulous project that sold out in minutes of going on sale. You can read about the project here. Well never fear Tracy over at Happy Daisy is giving one away, she will draw a winner on monday, hurry on over there for your chance to win. In have been snapping pictures and collecting things to take pics of for this project that doesnt require much.

Heres a card I made for someone special, Iam so loving this Perfect Day designer paper from CTMH. I have been shooting alot of pics with out my flash, Iam really liking the effects. I read recently that the amazing Karen Russel never shoots with her flash. I bet Karen is really sweet and down to earth in person.She takes the most amazing pictures.

Friday I spent a few hours at the Face&Body Place. OH MY, I had a gift certificate as a birthday day gift. It was amazingly relaxing as all massages should be. One hour of bliss. This super women stretched and massaged my limbs,toes and fingers and every muscle, even placing warm stones under my back. So after my 1 hour massage I had a facial. Im all rejuvenated and ready for work on monday.

Today I had a afternoon of EATING at 3 great places, Im still stuffed. Hey another pic with the flash off, not bad for night time.

Project 365 day 10

Until tomorrow, no really tomorrow.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last day to enter the GIVE AWAYS

Hello! I didnt get as many entries has I had wished for but there will still be some lucky winners out there. The entries are still exceptable until 12 midnight tonight.
Read January 1st post two post down in your stopping by for the first time.

This is the last week of vacation for me BOOHOO, but in reality 3 weeks is really enough isnt it? I have slept in everyday and spent many mornings lounging in my robe ejoying my coffee. Staying in my jammies until late into the afternoon (3pm).But I havent done enough projects or completed my receipe books. I was supposed to take all my millions of loose recipe and record them in one of my 3 blank receipe books. Although the house is clean and has been dechristmasized for a week now. But over all I have had a FABULOUS time. Until spring break!

I changed my Humbled Artist card just a little, I added more scallops.This is the final result.

Hope you dont mind a little christmas JOY. I finally put this card together, I started it before christmas and couldnt deceide how to finish it. I hate that, I get hung up on completing layouts and cards. Its so silly I think to much into it.

Stamp by Stampendous
Designer paper by CTMH


Monday, January 5, 2009

A little glitter, a little bling

Who wouldnt look fabulous wearing that combination, Right?

I didnt share that I was personally asked to join a league of talented, humbled stampers. I have always wanted to be published in a magazine, but I have never sent anything in. I have thought about trying out for a design team, but havent had the nerve. Well this is just a good as both of the above, a fellow consultant asked me to join the Humbled Artist Swap she features. I was so taken back and honored, I quickly said YES. Our cards are to be over the top, outstanding and simply fabulous. I have created my card and now Iam so nervous and dont feel worthy, I keep repeating the scene from Wanyes World, Im not worthy, Im not worthy. I love the card though, hope the ladies do. So tell me what you think.


Whooo Love You stamp set by CTMH
Perfect Day designer papers by CTMH
Cardstock by CTMH

Thanks for stamping by

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Close to my Hearts new spring 2009 catalog/idea. WIN A COPY, its loaded with some amazing stuff!

Post this giveaway on your blog and let me know in your comment. Tell me if you have any CTMH products and your favorite product, if you dont have any CTMH products have you ever considered making a purchase and what would it be. Contest open until 1/8/08

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Giveaway #2

My 1 year bloggaversary his here!! So lots of goodies for someone, Iam starting off my giveaway pile with 3 acrylic stamps sets by CTMH and I will add new items to the pile everyday until next Thursday 1/8. All you have to do is post this giveaway on your Blog, leave me a comment letting me know your blog addie so I can visit you.

Happy New Years!