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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Im back

I cant believe its been so long since I have posted, shame on me. Whats been going on you ask well......

On April 1st my baby boy turned 16 (wipe away tears), hes so darn handsome and such a intelligent young man. The age of 14 1/2 to 15 was quite challenging. He wasnt himself, the great smile faded and the laughter ceased. I wasnt recognizing my son and not enjoying the teenage stage, he was grumby and had a attitude ( I know thats typical)there was more. Hubby and I baggered him until he opened up that High wasnt a fun experience, I did some praying and he became him self again.You know they really made a huge mistake placing 9th grade in high school, that such a crucial time and the kids are justnot ready. But anyway my son is BACK. So DARN CUTE, did I already say that.

I have still not purchased my camera, I freaked out when it was time to hit the checkout button. My husband says please get the camera, so I dont have to hear about it anymore. Spending that lump sum of money is sorta scarey, so this thursday is the day. No more backing out, Im just going to do it.

I have recently posted a list of acrylic stamp set for sale @50% off, you can find the list on my website. This all occured in spring cleaning my craft studio, I have a stash to donate to a card ministry.

Last night I ordered a custome signature from they are only $2. There are many fonts & icons to choose from and they come in color too! Beth creates watermarks and custom blog banners as well. Check out the site and tell me what you think of my siggy. The first 3 commetns will receive some blog candy from me!!