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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Nothing to share as far as artwork. My final presentation board is due on thursday and I am busy doing research and shopping for fabric swatches. My furniture period is Art Deco, so fun I love this furniture style.

What do you think of my new banner? I am still playing with it, I need to work on my blog name, i dont have photo shop and my windows paint shop is not cooperating with me, maybe its just that I dont know what Iam doing. The banner is in .png format and I have never heard of that before. Whis me luck on working everything out, to make the title GRAND!!

Anyhoo the wedding was beautiful and my outfit I dreaded shopping for was SO CUTE and CHIC. I found the entire outfit at Marshalls for under $80, two piece linen pants suit and shoes too!!! Marshalls was only the second store I went to. I was really happy. I took some great pictures of my family, especially my dad. Although I did forget to get a candid shot of him by himself.

I will attempt to create a quick card tomorrow,the stamp set is already out including the ink pads, I just need to stamp it.

Ta-Ta for now

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