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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration day

Well its official the new president has arrived. No matter who you voted for lets pray for President Obama that the Lord will protect him, give him wisdom in his decisons and guidence every step of the way. After all he is our president and needs our support. He has a lot on his plate this country is a mess right now. Enough said I wont talk politics. I think my pic is fitting for today.

Project 365 #20

What a day, what a day. My legs hurt so bad, I have been wodling around like a pregnant women with out the pregnant belly. I did some walking today with my class for a field trip and it was way more than my little legs could handle. You see Iam not a active person, I dont jog or workout WAY TO LAZY TO WORKOUT. Although this year I said I would to tone, build muscle and gain more energy. I want to be like those 80 year old women who look 50 on Opera. Hey I just want to look 10 years younger. They say exercise will keep you young. Anywhoo Iam pooped. Enough jabbering, right?

I have been working on my standing stamp of the month swap and once again Im keeping it clean and simple. I was a little bugged by the this stamp set when brain storming but it fell into place. The possibilities are endless for this set, the egss remind me of beautiful faberge eggs. I plan on making another card with this set Im dying to emboss the eggs. Check out the card.

signing off too pooped to continue


joey said...

Hi Jamia, gorgeous card,those eggs are a fab image tohave. I am like you workouts were not invented for me!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Jamia, I love this card, I relly like clean and simple designs

Pink Sunshine said...

Hi Jamia, I totally agree with you re Obama, he's got his work cut out. Loving all your cup cake creations. Yum.
Sally. x