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Friday, July 11, 2008

Yard Sale

Please excuse my absence, I have been working on a layout but its titleless right now. I cant seem to find the right rubons, they are nonexsistent. Let me explain this a little more. I live in a city that has NO scrapbook store, they always go out of business. That leaves us with Michaels and JoAnns, well we all know what there selection is like. Then I deceided to use my raincheck from Michaels for a cricut cartdrige for $48, I was going to get Opposites Attract. So I drive to the store which is only across the street and happly pick up the cartdrige and head to the register, I sit down my at the register to pull out my rain check and its NOT THERE, WHAT! I look in every possible place, no raincheck. So I put it back and head back home to begin the all out man hunt, I have looked for 2 days and cant find it. I am so bummed, because they have not gone on sale that low since that week. ARRGGHH, so now I will trek 30 minutes away to the nearest scrapbook store to look for some neat treasures. I want to show you what I been working on but will wait util its complete. So for now I will show you a slide show of the sets I would love to get rid of, if you now of anyone that may be interested please send them my way!! Until tomorrow. Slide show below

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