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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heres the latest

GUESS WHAT I FOUND? The rain check for my cricut cartridges, $44.99 they dont put them on sale that low any more WOOHOO!!

Have you made homemade ice cream lately, well the homemade ice cream I remember was not so great. I remember it tasting salty, such a turn off for me. Every summer my church would sell homemade ice cream after services to raise money for the childrens department. I never like it, SALT I could taste the salt. Well we purchased a ice cream maker for our summer class and I was very skeptical, just knew I wouldnt like it. But it was so YUMMY, OH MY GOSH was it yummy. So I deceided I had to have one, I didnt rush over there it took me 2 weeks. Last night I had to run to Wally world and there it was for only $15 and it makes 4 quarts. So today I will buy some forzen strawberries or maybe fresh which ever is cheaper and make fresh strawberry ice cream. Then I will have to make a batch of just plain ole vanill, for my odd ball son. You know it never fails that out of the 4 of us 1 person usually dosent like something.

Dont forget to check out my YARD SALE couple of post down.

Anyhoo look what I have been up to, I have my moms birthday card to finish but I need to go to the PO to pick up my nesties to complete the master piece.

Until later


One Creative Life said...

I love how you added glitter to the embossed part of your card. My daughter is begging me for those cat stamps as I type this. She adores cats. Im not sure which ice cream maker you have, but you might be able to try strawberry sorbet. I have one and make sorbet with just a simple syrup and some fresh or frozen fruit. A great summer treat. Good luck on the ice cream making!-Erica

Paper doll said...

Thanks Erica,the sorbet sounds yummy.The cat set is a really fun one. There only $5, go for it!