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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Todays showcase

I like to check out my blog traffic and I am tickled to see where everyone is visiting from. I had recent visits from Ireland, Germany, Alaska, Canada and not to leave out the US ladies. THANK YOU so much for stopping by checking out what Ive been up too. Its amazing how addictive blogging is, I spend hours checking out my blog favorites. Its more amazing that I am so eager to see my traffic count meter each day, if I wasnt certain that I was sane and of right mind I would be concerned about my obsessive, co dependent behavior and maybe get some help. You know needing to check the traffic meter each day, being overly giddy when someone leaves a comment and being concerned that no one will come back to visit if I dont post every day. See what I mean!!

Well I broke out the cricut last night, I am always amazed by that little machine each time I use it, which has only been twice.

I also made strawberry ice cream this afternoon, its now freezing and ripening as I type. Guess I should make a yummy dinner to compliment the after dinner ice cream.

Guess what, my 14 yo came into my craft studio and said we should adopt a baby that way I dont have to get pregnant. Blew me away, I thought he was over the baby idea. The last time he asked me to get fat and have a baby he was 8.It really tickled me. He does not want to be the last child in the family.

Okay enough rambling heres the showcase

CTMH cardstock cranberry, black and colonial white
B&T Foof-a-la
Opposties Attract cricut cartdrige
Misc ribbon, button and knitted lace ( I have had it for about 8 years)

Heres a close up of my page from yesterday, I added the @ semble using my cricut and George cartdrige.

Supplies posted in the post below

Until tomorrow


One Creative Life said...

Oh the lace is so pretty. Funny the stuff we hang onto and then fits perfect on a page. Love it when that happens. I hope your ice cream turns out well. You should go out and enjoy your dinner outside. That is one of my favorite summer activites.

BTW if you have any trouble with those ornaments just give me an email. I would be glad to help. Make sure you get the clear Raindrop to seal them. One bottle goes a long way on the standard size ornaments. :)-Erica

Nicole said...

I love it, it really turned out beautiful. The colors look great with the pics. Great job as always Jamia!

Paper doll said...

Thanks Erica! My sunt and I are going to have xmas boutique in our garage. We have the perfect street for anything for sale.I will make a few ornaments for that as well as for myself and family.

PS my ice cream was a hit, were all in love with the ice cream maker at my house!

Paper doll said...

Thanks Nicole!! I love it too!!

TeresaW said...

Hello Jamia, well I have to say that you don't sound mad at all. I have recently got into blogging myself and have just joined the Sisterhood. Yup, I'm one of your SBS23 sisters. Hi there! I am so addicted to my laptop now that my crafting is suffering. Mind you, by the looks of everyone's productivity I am just small fry compared to most who craft.

When you check out your blog traffic, you will see that I am from Spain. Originally I came from London England. Pop in and see me and let me know how you check out the blog traffic, I haven't come across that in my travels yet.

Welcome to the group. :0)