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Monday, March 24, 2008


So here are two pictures of my trip anywhere in the world , If you read my quirks and unknown facts two post below I chose Antigua in the British West Indies. The first is the view we had while eating breakfast each morning ( absolutely gorgeous ) it takes seeing a place like this to appreciate and be thankful for what God created. The second picture is of the sunset on the beach also breathtaking!


Sandra said...

If I could travel anywhere in the would be Fiji with my hubby. By the way, I got your message on my blog about the tag. I will get to it by tomorrow. Take care!

Paper doll said...

I wanted Fiji but it wasnt on the list. There are a small number of places that are not available.

Kariberry said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! And loved your Bella card. Isn't She just all that. =)

Stampvamp said...

How blessed are you??? Is that the coolest or what? Love your cards. I've got the Bella Fevah too!!