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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just checking in

Hello and Happy Easter to everyone!!!

I went shopping with my Aunt today or should I say yesterday. It was a beautiful day, I hope everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy it. The two of us went to some antique shops and other specialty stores like Casa Bella and Cinnamon Rose ( dont the names make you want to shop there), lunch at Tommies ( chili burgers YUM ) Marshalls (they now have a FAB shoe department) and coffee from Starbucks in there parking lot while we laughed and talked. I am very close to my Aunts, there like my best friends. Anywhoo she spent $200 and I spent $26. I purchased a new trash can. Fun, fun day.

Scrappernic wanted to know where I chose to go on my trip anywhere in the world. Well I had several exotic far away places picked, 1. Italy ( shopping of course ) and 2. Greece. But my sweet hubby is very particular and was anxious about being in places to foreign, he would not have enjoyed himself at all. So I chose Antigua in the British west Indies. Its a beautiful tropical Island. I don't regret my choice, 7 days in Antigua at a beaches resort, no cell phones, no internet and believe it or not the cable didn't work for the whole 7 days either was the BEST.

Iam waiting for the washer to stop and off to bed I go. Check back tomorrow for pics of cards and Antigua.

Excuse my spelling booboos, no spellcheck

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