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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Iam back

My old camera is kinda working, look at what its doing, kinda cool HUH !!! This is my card for Nanci's standing sotm swap. Click the image to enlarge.

Hello, Iam so excited I had some comments from my CTMH sistahs!! So cool! Thanks ladies. Well I have been camera shopping as you all know. Before hitting up the stores I searched out ebay express but wasnt quite sure about the honesty and timelyness of delivery. I posted a few questions on ctmh boards and two peas and I think I am going to pass. The deals were phenomenal, the bundles offered TONS of extras and the price of GREAT. But I heard of some switch and bait with some companies and the company that I would have bought from likes to pursuade the buyer from using paypal. Thats a huge red flag for me because we all know that paypal offers a way to get your money back in case of funny business. Office depot had a great price online, I really want to walk out of the store with my camera. SO I cant wait for tomorrows ads to see what they hold as far as deals. If there are none I think I will just go for it and buy the camera without the sale. Stayed tuned..
PS... I have been tagged, this blogging is so fun. This will be my first real blog game!

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Sandra said...

My parents are photographers and are going to give me one of there Nikon's they rarely use [and its a few months old]. Its got like 10 or 12 megapixels and I can't wait to get it! This Nikon is going to be used to my photography business I want to start. I did buy a smaller one for the kids. Its a Canon Powershot Digi Elph 8 MP. Keep us updated on your hunt for your camera!!!