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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lazy spring break

Hello Friends! Sorry for the lapse in post, I have been on spring break this week and havent done much, just enjoyed sleeping in every day and staying in. It has felt wonderful. The weather here in So Calif has been cloudy and rainy, its nice to have the option to stay in out of the elements!

Look what I purchased....

A Zutter bind it all! Its a starter kit, I can make 8 books of different sizes with its contents. I always imagined it was much bigger but its true as the picture on the box it fits in the palm of my hand! Great find, Great price, $50!

I forgot to share these little diddys with you! I will be back on schedule Monday, maybe sooner like sunday!

The Pioneer women, is incredible, the women is a phenomenon. She is funny as all get out and can whip up some mean dishes that will have you cooking them over and over and coming back for more.Her entire website is full of FUN things, she has awesome giveaways. I visit everyday and once you visit you will too. Click the name and see whats cooking at my house tonight.I am never disappointed in what I cook. Check it out you wont be disappointed.

Here are a few favorites to start you off, these all get a A+ and you should try them.

The Maloboro man sandwhich
Sloppy Joes
Chicken spaghetti
Potatoes Augratin
Pantry Chicken
Beef and bean burrito
Sour Cream Enchiladas
Smashed potatoes
Garlic Bread
The Bread
Chicken Cacitorre
Onion Strings ( if you remember Chilis onion blossom this is it!!)

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