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Monday, March 14, 2011

just another manic monday

how I wish it was Sunday!! Cause thats my fun day!! But then if it was Sunday we would only be 5 days away from Friday instead of 4. With that being said Hello Monday!

I picked up this cute set called Latte Love for only $5.99, so many fun, cutesy images in it. Does something look familiar about it, YEP its the polka dots!!! I told you it was a favorite look! Now onto the organizing stuff.

Remember this...

Now it looks like this....

All the boxed sets are marked with a colored sticker. Each colored sticker represents a category, such as Seasonal, celebration, Outdoors, alphabets,whimsical and Backgrounds. The individual woodies are in sections just like the sticker formation. The top shelve of woodies are all sentiments and they are categorized just like the sticker formation.

Which once use to look like this...

This aged looking shelve made out of a door used to hold my Boyds Bear collection, well two of the shelves still do. My hubby suggested that I utilize the unit to help store my wood stamp collection. Its weird it has held bears for over 10 years. I do like it though, now I can see my HUGE collection! This black and white is the only picture of the unit on my computer and it only shows one full shelve and a teeny bit of two of the other shelves.

Okay off to bed it feels like I have been up since last Thursday. What time would it be if time hadnt sprung forward? Night night friends!

1 comment:

Sharli said...

Great card, Jamia! The large dots are a strong graphic and this card is very fun! Love it! Your shelves look awesome - what a lot of stamps! HUGS!