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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yeah for saturday!!

Whatcha up too? I am watching the ice skating championship, teams are battling it out for a spot on the US Olympic team. There are tears of joy and sorrow. I luv this sport, my sister skated when you was a little girl for several years. We lived at the ice rink, she had a awesome coach who taught her well. My sis competed and it had us on the road, it was so fun!! We had all of her competitions taped and my son taped over ALL of them when he was 3. He liked to watch movies on the tape recorder and I think he thought it was a cartoon and when trying to find the play button he hit the record. I dont know how he even got to the tapes, I didnt realize this for many many months, BOOHOO. So this sport has a place in my heart.

Im feeling a little yucky today, I think its my sinus's. I feel really tired and my head is achey. I want to go back to bed and sleep some more, even though I slept really late today, lets just say it wasnt morning anymore and I had to make my self get up. I am glad its a 3 day weekend! I hope to catch a movie or go bowling, I have free tickets for both.

Here's more Unity luv. This card uses stamps from two different kit of the months. Pocket full of... & Following my heart

I cut out the clouds and the bike and popped them off the card with 3D dots. I again did my triple border thing! I glittered the bike seat and handle bars, remember the old bikes with the sparkly vinyl seats and rubber grips with the tassles? I also glittered the tire bumpers because I wanted it shiney like chrome. How about those buttons. Buttons are a favorite embellishment for me.

Stamps by Unity stamp co
Designer paper by CTMH
Buttons by Foo-Fa-Laa
Border punches by Martha Stewart

My winkflash order came in, the pictures are PHENOMENAL. I am very pleased. I am planning to create a my 30 days of December album, and I have some GORGEOUS papers for my 2008 snow pictures and my Girls loft kit came and its so ME must scrap something with it. Iam a slow scrapper but just maybe I will have some thing done by monday to show you.

Heres the last of my treasures from my grandmothers house. Her silverware, I have it to cherish for a long time. This is it, the house has been completed packed up and all the special treasures are in there new homes. We did find my grandfathers movie camera and is still camera from the 50's. I didnt take any pictures because I didnt have my camera, but let me say they are awesome.

Have a awesome day!!


Sparkle said...

Eek, I still need to print my DD pics! Your card is darling! I love to watch skating too.

Sharli said...

This card is just so much fun!! I love that the clouds are truly floating!

I love to watch ice-skating too! I used to skate (but never good) - I love the sound of the skate in the ice, and the feeling of complete freedom as you move! It made me very sad to read about the loss of your videos. But, I guess life is like that sometimes.