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Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday fun!!

Some of you probably dont feel mondays are very fun, while some of you embrace it. Today I am embracing it, first day back at work, accomplished alot which left me feeling very productive. Leaving the house soon to run a few errands. Pork loin is marinating in the fridge because dinner is already planned. Pork loin with roasted pears and shallots, cheesey home made scallop potatoes and a veggie dish.

I am back from the errands, found 2 packages in my PO BOX WOOHOO!! A envelope full of swaps and my January Girls Loft kit!!

My tag card today features 2 stamps from one of my Unity kits!

Look at another treasure found at my Grandmas house. This is my uncle sports scrapbook. Everything is falling out of it because it was all taped down and the pages are yellowing, have no fear SUPER SCRAPPER is here LOL. This book is over 30 years old. I will incorporate the goodies in the album into my grandmothers toffee leather album. Is that cool or what?

This is where I worked as a senior in highschool. Yep Iam a expert soft serve swirler, candy topper pro, and whip cream master!! I of coarse brought this apron home, I was tickled pink with this one too!

Wishing you a relaxing evening


Sharli said...

Oh Jamia! What treasures!!!!! I'm excited about the scrapbook most (of course!) but I respect the enthusiasm for the other things!

My Grandmom left me a scrapbook - it's wonderful and awful at the same time! LOL She has a lot of photos of her and ?? Friends ?? standing around and she's written in, not anything useful like who they are, but rather more like thought bubbles. We're talking pre-1920's here! Maybe MY Grandmother invented thought bubbles?!!!

Anyway - I babble. I loved your coffee tag - I can relate to that!


Sparkle said...

Your card is just darling!