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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesdays excitment

I made this card for a swap and didnt have any left, so I had to make another to keep or at least to take a picture of it because I thought it turned out really cute.

Today was such a exciting day in photography class, such a simple neat lesson. I learned about my light meter, so cool. I learned what one of my many buttons was for and how to use it. Iam so stoked about this class!!!

The 2 pics below were taken with the sun behind me, no flash. Can u say crisp.

Inside the classroom no flash, WOW.


TeresaW said...


I am so glad you are sharing your photography class with us. You must be the top of the class!

That card is such a good idea. I think it would go down well for any month, just highlight the birth day of the person getting it. Lovely.

Sandra T. said...

The card came out super and the pictures are wonderful. I love photography! I want a different camera though. Happy Wednesday!

KRISTIN said...

Very pretty card - I really like the colors.....I so wish I had the time right now for a photography class....kudos to you for making the time - it's definitely on my list!!

Anonymous said...

Love your New Year card -- very cute!