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Friday, February 13, 2009

More about me

I love shoes & purses
My favorite color is orange
My favorite candy is twizzlers
My favorite food is french fries
Love to stay in my pjs ALL day
Im afraid of large bodies of water
Im clausterphobic
Favorite embellishments are ribbon & buttons
I really like Cherry pepsi & cherry 7up
My all time favorite drink is Arizonas green tea
Like snapple apricot, pear or green apple tea by Snapple ( cant seem to find It anymore)
Top shows Top Chef, Law & Order, The Closer, House, Greys Anatomy,and Lost
I have always wanted to write a childrens book
Love taking pictures, since I was a kid
Addicted to cook books
Love having ice in my milk and bowls of cereal ( yep ice cold babie )
I like to work in my flower garden

For a long time I have wanted to do a book on the 100 things I love. I even have a album waiting to be filled, whats the dealwith me ?

Should I throw out my unopened jiffy peanut butter, I kinda have a hankering for a good ole P&J sandwhich and a large glass of milk on the rocks:)

R U sick of my ramblings? Okay I will spare you, but one last question

I purchased a blog background from House of 3, it matches my banner BUT I cant get it to load. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Made a couple of journals to keep track of things. Im leaning on a wish book for this one, I like to write down things I wish to purchase or projects around the house want to do etc. I find list from years ago and its neat to read them and cross off things I have done or accomplished. Can I be vain about my own art work, I love this book, the colors, the paper pack just love it!!

Notebook designer paper pack
Polka dot ribbon Michaels dollar bin
Pink ribbon by American crafts
Black, blue ribbon by offray

Project 365

Can you say Pampered Chef, this stuff is GREAT. This is my latest kitchen item, did I really need it? Probably not!!


TeresaW said...

Hello Jamia. I have used "the cutest blog on the block" before. They have hints and tips for changing the look of your site, but it is rather a case of helping yourself. All they suggest in making the background work is to add a widget to the side bar and copy in the background code that they give on their site, when you click on the background image that you like.

These backgrounds update regularly to reflect the special dates that come up (ie. St Patrick's day or Valentines day etc) and are free, so you see them used a lot as you blog hop. I think since you paid for your background you should go back to House of 3 and trip off a mail to them. I had a look and it (they have great designs) seems that others have the same problem as you do though. However, I think payment means you should get service, right?

Good luck - it's easy when you know how.

One Creative Life said...

mmm I love twizzlers and french fries too! We have been eating our Jiffy here and no problems. I think it was PB that was delivered to resturants etc. Did you get my email about the banner?

Love the journal. I just made a wish book and its pretty full LOL! I have that same PC mixing bowl and I use it ALL THE TIME! Wish I had a couple more.

KRISTIN said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to say I LOVE this journal. My sister-in-law embellishes her journals, calendars, phone books, EVERYTHING - and it makes them so much more fun to use! This is a great-looking book! xo Kristin

KRISTIN said...

Oh, and I use as well. Since I get bored and change my blog look all the time I can't bring myself to pay for a background that I may want to change again in a week or two! :)