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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A few things about me

I told you I had more to share, Iam sticking to my goal of creating when sitting at my desk!

Spring semester college class's started this week and I turned the table a bit and finally took a photography class. I havent taken a photography class since high school,Iam so stoked. I will have someone talk me through my photoshop, editing, aperture etc. not to mention all the features on my camera. I needed a hands on tutoring session and it doesnt get better than this. The class even put together a Blurb book of our photos.

I Finally used my changito stamp, are they cute or what? The ribbon is from Michaels dollar bin and its so soft! How about that stripe paper? 14 cents @Michaels, love the colors!

Changito pair by Stampendous
Simply Chic random stripes by American Crafts
Ribbon Michaels dollar bin

Project 365

Another thing I am a sucker for COOKBOOKS, its kinda of a fetish thing. Borders always has a awesome selection of clearance cookbooks, I buy a bunch each year from books are fun through my job. These are just a few of them, I have 2 shelves in my pantry full of cookbooks. When I buy a new book I sit down with it and some post its, flip through and tag every recipe that sounds DELICIOUS. Every few weeks I pull out a few and make a weekly menu to shop for. Mr. Bankhead loves when the cook books come out, that means YUMMY things will be on the upcoming menu. I actually overheard him passing by my studio and saying OOHH THE COOK BOOKS ARE OUT! I thought that was so cute. My youngest tells me to stop making the exotic dishes, apparently I also make too many dishes using pasta. According to Kam, steak&potatoes are to exotic.

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TeresaW said...

Oooh, Jamia, I love your bit of advice on the cooking side of thing. Such a simple idea and useful tip.