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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A little something for today

Heres a card I made for my standing stamp of the month swap. As you can tell its a masculine stamp set and its geared for Fathers day. Colors are pretty guyish too!

I planted some flowers in my pots on the porch boy what a difference it makes. My hubby has complained each spring summer about how bare the flower bed and porch looks.Reminging me I always had the best yard on the block, I did have beautiful flowers bloom each spring. The anty has been amped this season and Kam has mentioned several times the bareness and pointed out that it was officially spring and I could start planting. Mind you he has no intention of helping, none of them do. Thats okay I enjoy it wether there helping or not. Today I tackle my huge flower bed and I will plant my favorite African daisies!!

Happy hump day to the working ladies!

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