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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cupcakes galore & BLOG CANDY ALERT

Pretty Pressings is giving away lots of Magnolia stamps, run over there you dont want to miss out.

Look what I found at Michaels in the DOLLAR bin, can you believe it? Are these just too cute or what? A dollar, lots of cupcake theme items in the dollar bin, journals, paper plates, napkins, ribbon, note pads, stuffed cupcakes, even lipgloss in a cupcake container! Get over there quick, Im such a sucker for cupcakes!!!! I bought 14 of the 16 stamps they had.

Forgot this guy. This says it all doesnt it?

Every sunday after church I stop at Michaels which I have to pass to get home (its just across the street from my house) LOVE THAT and today was a great day to stop. They had stuffed all the dollar bins with fresh new stuff, Love the spring themes (especially the cupcakes) I love the dollar bins, I can always shop the bins and feel like I have been on a real shopping spree. Today I loaded up on lots of pretty rhinestones, my cupcake stamps, some really cute small carved orange frames,small photo book to alter, some blending stumps (learned something new to do with them) anywhoo, I had a coupon for 25% off and it took 25% off every item. That means every $1 item was 75 cents, how cool is that!!!

Okay I have rambled enough check out more nursery pictures. Back tomorrow with some art.