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Thursday, January 20, 2011


This was my closet, a mess right? Well I guess it wasnt that bad, it needed to be organized. Things were stacked way high with thing after thing. I was running out of room to store things.

The first shelve held all my CTMH woodies, the second shelve held my SU woodies. The third shelve held photo boxes 6 to be exact, the bottom shelve held some albums and a few more photo boxes. I had altered projects, containers sitting around on the stamps. The back corner of the closet held more photo boxes, some baskets etc.

Here's my rolling carts full of my individual wood stamps. The cart on the left has 7drawers of stamps and the cart on the right had 5 drawers of stamps. The 2 bottom drawers on each cart held punches, alterables, and misc items. On the top of the carts you can see my color binders, stamp inventory binder, E size acrylix sets binder and a binder for unmounted sets from various companies and Containers. On the floor in front of these carts was bags of cards, scraps, and magazine holders. See Lots of stuff every where.

So I went to Target ( one of my fav places to hang out, literally snack on pop corn while you shop or browse hanging out) and purchased these super cool itso stackable cubes. They were on sale for $7.99, never seen them that low before. There plastic and can be locked to together 3 cubes high. They can be cleaned using a damp cloth and they can hold cubes or baskets. You can purchase a load of things to organize them with, drawers, doors, shelves, bins etc. AWESOME!

I made my way over to Home Depot to purchase some wood to make 2 shelves to hold my ind. wood stamps. I have always wanted a stamp wall!!! Take a look.....

Heres the far end of the closet, I intend to take the closet doors off so I can look at all this FABULOUSNESS while I work!

I have to say that 2 shelves for my stamps is not even close to being enough, and I really want a much bigger or longer stamp wall. But I am so happy with it!! I also added a tension curtain rod to hold my punches!! $6.99!! How about those itso cubes, looking good arent they? There are 2 more cubes to the left of the pink and orange tubs, one has a door.

Okay heres what I am left with to organize, so stayed tuned!

I have a project to share so come back tomorrow!


Sue from Oregon said...

oh wow! that's a lot of work....I just bought a huge roll of ezmount and am going to unmount my SU! sets...when I find time!

Sheila H said...

You did a fantastic job of organizing! I'm quite impressed :)