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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another book!

I have been busy with cards that are due ASAP, I cant share them just yet. I have this ditty to share. I have been following Patters ABC scripture challenges for about 2 years and this year deceided to join in, i am not sure if I will create the pages but I will start with writing what I study in my journal.

I used one of Girl Loft kits to create the book cover including the alphabets!

I received a super cute card from my friend Jen Rubio at Jens Jewel Box She created some faux stitching around her card and I fell hard for the technique and have used it on a few cards and such!! I need to write her and tell how much I liked the look.

As you know from previous postings I have done some organizing and remodeling, I believe it has caused my MOJO to come back. I guess its true what they say, that when things are disorganized and messy it blocks the creative flow (although when I turn around I have a mound of woodie to organize and store) I didnt want to leave the room!! Nice to be back in the game!!


1 comment:

Sharli said...

Hi Jamia,
I must admit that your closet had me drooling - so maybe my own creative "juices" were flowing too?!!! LOL

I love this journal - Partly the colors, partly the dots, but the faux stitching looks so real - I {heart} it!