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Friday, August 13, 2010

What a week

The first week of school is over, I think we have 175 days to go. I know why am I thinking of the end of the school year. The week has been long and my body is worn out from rising at 5:00 AM. I cant wait to sleep in tomorrow and wake up when the sun is up!

Check out my layout, isn't it SWEET? I am so loving how it turned out, I stitched all over this baby! This my son who every once in a while doesn't want to be bothered with his camera toteing, picture taking mama! I messed up my watermark and don't know how to fix it and didn't want to wait until tomorrow to take another picture so here it is.

I found the inexspensive argyle paper at Joannes who knows how long ago, it screamed masculine to me. I rounded the corners and doubled stitched around it in grey thread.I paired it with some Grey wool cs, I don't use enough grey. Its another nuetral to me, goes with almost everything.I stitched on it also with grey thread. I added a piece of crystal blue cs and stitched on it also. I even stitched on the picture. I added a hidden tag that can you guess I stitched on and added a piece of cool grey & white stripe ribbon to it. Last I took some chipboard letters and stamped a argyle background on it, I also stamped some paper tabs in argyle background and added them to the layout.

There you have it folks, so glad I started scrappin again:)

Off to bed, see ya soon!


Sheila H said...

Great layout - love the stitching!

Sharli said...

Jamia, I LOVE the letters!! It looks fabulous having the argyle on the title letters and you did a terrific job of it!! I think we can all relate to the "please no photos" syndrome! Bravo that you scrapped it!