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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yummy colors on a cutesy card

Hello there! What do you think about 6 more weeks of winter? Thats what the ground hog says, I have never been fond of him. When I was little I remember anticipating what he would see, and being so bummed when he saw his shadow. I remember days of standing in front of the big picture window in our living room and longing for the sun to come out on those stormy, rainy days. Man the memory is so vivid. I am feeling like that now with our third storm in 3 weeks. Rain, rain go away, come again another day ( like next year). I know that 6 weeks will fly by but I am ready for some sunny skies and signs of spring.

Did you watch the super bowl, I did. I dont always watch and actually dont like football, BUT I can usually get into the super bowl and the NBA championship. Something about all the hype and excitment. So I was instantly pumped for the SAINTS, WHO DAT? see I told ya, instantly pumped. How cool to make it to the super bowl for the first time and then to win the title too!!! So I trekked to my sisters for fun, food and football and really enjoyed myself. Only 2 people were rooting for the Colts, so we wore them out with the chanting and all:)

ETA: I viewed the add we dedicated to our son in his senior yearbook, it looks REALLY good. I cant wait for him to see it. He doesnt know about it, its a surprise!!

This is what motivated todays card! Taylors cupcake challenge, Taylor just released some really super cute stamp sets. Check out her store

This image reminds me of a image you would find in a little girls coloring book. I love coloring books, I had many when I was a little girl and could color for hours. To this day if I find a cute coloring book I will pick it up and I have a still have a love for a fresh box of Crayola crayons. AAHH can you smell them!

This card is so girly!! reminds me of jar of jaw breakers with all those yummy candy colors!

I stamped the cupcake into 3 parts and popped each part of my card, I added some bling to the frosted edges. Look at those yummy brads in the upper right corner, they look like candy! The sentiment was one full line that I cut into threes, actually the heart is from the cupcake, I like its puffy look more than the heart from the sentiment.



Sparkle said...

This is so cute!

Amy said...

Oh muy goodness this is def yummy! Love it. I think I must follow your blog I am finding too many cute things here :)