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Monday, November 2, 2009

More Fancy Heels

AAWWHHH so pretty, I would buy and wear these too! This set of 3 Fancy High Heels by Hero Arts is the best!!

Can you tell that I have been playing with my newest nesstie, yeah I know this one has been around forever but its new in my house. I have also been adding new shelves to my closet, collecting storage boxes and organizing my closet space in my craft studio.

One last thing I am looking to buy a watermark, if you know of someone who creates and sells them please leave the info in a post.I tried contacting Beth from freckled fun but didnt hear back from her, I dont know if she has stopped selling them. THANKS!

1 comment:

Sharli said...

fun card, Jamia! I like that your large black and red scallops are off-set a tiny bit - adds a lot of interest!

I don't know ANYTHING about watermarks! (sorry!)