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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Its Saturday, I know you already know that. This is my last weekend of vacation, monday its back to work. I wish we had a traditional school year and school didnt start until the monday after labor day.

Anyway Im trying to hold on to my MOJO, I want to do som much and its almost like Iam afraid to step out there. I feel like maybe I dont have it, you know the right creative juices. Why cant I sit down and just go for it. I look at others work and think wow thats beautiful, that so creative. I know I can do, but Im holding back on taking the plunge, its more on my scrapbooking that I feel this way. Maybe this is what happens when you dont scrap for a long long time. I would like to get published and my hubby always encourages me he thinks my work is great ( dont all Hubbies), I feel like maybe I aint got it, everything I see is so amazing.

I realized that I dont take nearly as many pictures of my boys as I used to, its like I stop recording there life after grade school. Terrible, there so darn handsome. I purchased a new camera back in May and I am a little overwhelmed by it. Its a Canon rebel xti, it takes beautiful pictures but there so much to learn, I want to take a class so someone can talk me through learning EVERYTHING this camera can do and how to do it. There is a class offered at our JC this fall BUT its on saturday 9AM- 3PM. Are you kidding me thats all stinkin day and not to mention 9AM on a saturday, I love to sleep in on sat. and Iam not a morning person, more like a BEAR. Guess thats not going to work.

Today I am attempting to work on my Heidi Swapp giant playing cards, and I would like to make some party favors and a birthday banner for my 2 aunts birthday lucheon tomorrow. I really need to get motivated here its already 2:07 and Im crabby. Its probably because my phone started ringing at 9am this morn and I just told you Iam not a morning person, so that erked the heck out of me. Everybody close to me knows not to call me before 11am. My aunt called at 10:35 WHAT. Okay enough rambling, if your still reading thanks for letting me vent.

Heres my showcase for today, yes I actually have something to show you.

SU Stamp set Paris in the spring
CTMH cardstock, orange,white daisy & watermelon
CTMH inks, prisma glitter
Nestibilities scallop & square
Offray ribbon


One Creative Life said...

Hmmm this post sounds like the conversations I have had with myself. The lack of mojo…questioning creative ability...been there, done that, still doing that!! It was a huge leap for me to even start a simple blog. The fear is there, but with every step you take it goes away. I’m so glad I started my blog and when you take that leap of faith you will be happy you did too. You will never know if you don’t take that jump. No regrets just step out in faith!!

Paper doll said...

Erica your so right, step out in faith. I glad someone can relate to how Iam feeling. Thanks for the encouraging words!