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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Happenings

This is my latest FUN projet, I cut out all the specail shapes with my ART PHILOSOPHY cricut cartridge. This cartridge is amazing and if you dont have it you MUST get it, you wont be disappointed.
I drove to Pasadena and waited in line for a hour to see this amazingly sweet women who makes my meals supergrajafagilistic expealidodious ( who knows if thats spelled right) BUT anywho when I arrived the line was already wrapped around the building, and as I passed the the end of the line I noticed that the end was group G. I went inside to pick up my letter G that I needed to have to wait in line. There were two people ahead of me one was being helped already. A clerk approached to help the second lady in line and then someone approached and asked me how she could help me and when I told her was there to pick up a letter for the book signing she said "OH well heres a letter B someone just turned it in" The lady ahead of me couldnt believe it and asked if she could trade her G for a B. Without that letter B I would have waited for over 2 hours.
I was talking during my picture op and I look really funny :(
This was my mothers day present from my Hubby, he knew it was #1 on my wish list. This is such a COOL gadget! My sweet sons bought me flowers, my favorite chocolate turtles from See's candy and 2 really special cards! They do love me LOL
I am officially on vacation tomorrow at 2:30 PM for a whole month!!! WOOHOO Thanks for stopping by!


Amy said...

Oh that is so awesome that you got to meet her and that you didn't have to wait so long. Goofy smile or not that is a memory to charish and to scrapbook. Speaking of...I love your mini album it is gorgous!!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Oh Jamia! I'm envious! I love Pioneer Woman and I probably would have stood in line all day to have a photo opp like you got! Excellent!!!

Your book is out of this world! I love red-white-black colors together and this book POPS. I can imagine all sorts of treasures here - everything goes with these colors!


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