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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 YEARS, 10 YEARS, OH MY!!!

10 years this month , thats how long I have been a Close to my Heart consultant. I still enjoy what I do, its so rewarding. I have met the most awesome ladies that I now call my friends. I can not imagine not having CTMH in my life!!

I know that I have been slow to post but its hard to get back in the groove of posting on my regular 3-4 days a week thing. I am really going to make a effort. I hope my followers havent given up on me completely. I know how it is to check a blog regularly and nothing new is up, you give up and stop coming by. I hope that your still around and understand.

Todays card says it all....

This is the state of my room, its been this way for a couple of months. I cleaned it and it went right back to this, this is probably why I have not stamped or posted much. Theres stuff piled in almost every corner, this is not movtivating at all. I have taken on alot this fall and I have to organize my schedule and time to create and do what I ENJOY.

There are ALOT of new stamps on this desk waiting to be inked, some Unity,Ooberly cute Halloween dollar stamps, and 2 Inkadinkado stamps!

Until next time my friends


Nancy Ball said...

Sending an award your way, check out my blog to get it, friend!

Karen Pedersen said...

GREAT card! It was fun to see your scrappin' room. I totally know what you mean. When my room is not organized I have a hard time feeling inspired too. That's how I'm feeling right now!

Alice Wertz said...

fabulous card! love those banners and colors you used. thanks for sharing the photos of your craft room, too!

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