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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big. issues

Going on in my techhie world, 2 computers down, one in for repairs for tHe second time in 2 weeks, and my phone deceided to half work. I am typing this from my new phone, great deal BUT now iam locked in another 2 year contract.

I hope to be fully operational really soon.

My son graduated from high school last friday, so darn exciting, it had to be the windest day in history. Every graduate had to hold there caps down tHe entire time, one girls hat flew off and across the field before she even hit the grass. I have no pictures of him with the family with the cap and gown on (windy) he promised to take some shots for me later! My 75-300 zoom lense was fabulous, I was like the paparazzi during the ceremony with my Camera!

I just wanted to stop in and let you know what the heck happened to me enCase anybody was curious.

I Am going to trY to take pics with my phone and post to my blog by using my phone Not sure how well that's going to work. OKAY doing tHis by phone right now is really hurting my eyes. See ya soon :)

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Sheila H said...

I'm glad to know what was going on. I was wondering and wondering... Congrats on your son's graduation and good luck with all your tech issues. It will be nice to see your artwork again.