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Monday, August 31, 2009


I have had technical issues here, so I have not been able to post 3 days a week like I planned. But here goes, this week is all set up, in advance I might add! Wanted you to know there will be a extra post on Tuesday for the blog hop, so please come back by tomorrow.

Found this adorable zoo acrylic stamp set at Michaels. The giraffe is a little tempermental to stamp and doesnt want to pick up enough ink,he looks pretty faded on the card but I stamped him anyways and here he is(just previewed the post and boy he looks faded, not nearly this bad in person). I have used these colors before on a clown card about 3 years ago and then I saw Candice Olson use the same colors to redo a basement on her show Devine Design, that women is amazing and so was the basement she did. But everything she touches is amazing. Maybe you will think this card is amazing too!!! I think its really adorable.

I used my cuttle bug circle template and did some stitching.How about the pinking on the giraffe square, pulled out my pinking shears havent used those in ages.

Zoo-licious stamp set by Reflections
CTMH cardstock, ink and Tiny Type Writer alpha set
Cuttlebug template

Well toddles for now

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something fore you

Sorry its been so long 2 weeks ago I had a week of inservice training and last week school started. My oldest son is playing football and taking MMA and the youngest is taking Tai kwon do and I am taking my weekly Wilton class. Bottom line schedule is back to BUSY. Hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of summer, its still blazing hot here in Calif.I am ready for fall, I think LOL. Wanted to let my visitors know, I really appreciate your visits and get ooberly excited when someone joins my followers list. I also stalk my counter cause that gets me ooberly excited as well. Last I wanted to tell you that I am making it a must to post Monday, Wed and Friday. I just cant create and post daily like I would like to, I dont know how some ladies do it. Occasionally I may post over the weekend, this way you know for sure what days to visit. Okay there it is my commitment on e-paper.

Lookey, lookey, I am so proud. I emailed this picture to many, many friends and family.

Okay three days down and two to go, I can already feel myself sleeping deeply snuggled in bed on Saturday!!!

Until later

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thinking of you....

and thought I owed you a post. Well my vacation is over and Iam okay with that, I am ready for work. This first week back is a campus of teachers and staff only, so peaceful. Monday THEY return.

The weather has been phenomenal today, its only in the low 80's such a nice change from the high 100's. We turned off the air and opened the windows,I luv smelling the outdoors and feeling the breeze flowing in and hearing the outside noises:0)

Tonight I start my Wilton class #2 and I get to view my sons senior pics in 45 min.

More Hollywood, we passed this on our Blvd walk.

My youngest sons stride picked way up and he made a mad dash in the door. I had to
explain that it cost $5 a hour to log on,we could try it another time and he settled for candy instead. Yes I can still bribe him with candy.

I have been dying to get in here, the last 3 trips to Vegas I have attempted to go and I never make it. Now its in my own back yard. It was closed when we arrived. The cost $25 a person YIKES, thats a $100 for my family. I still intend to get in there, I keep picturing myself taking wacky pictures with the wax stars!

Hope your having a great day!!