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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thinking of you....

and thought I owed you a post. Well my vacation is over and Iam okay with that, I am ready for work. This first week back is a campus of teachers and staff only, so peaceful. Monday THEY return.

The weather has been phenomenal today, its only in the low 80's such a nice change from the high 100's. We turned off the air and opened the windows,I luv smelling the outdoors and feeling the breeze flowing in and hearing the outside noises:0)

Tonight I start my Wilton class #2 and I get to view my sons senior pics in 45 min.

More Hollywood, we passed this on our Blvd walk.

My youngest sons stride picked way up and he made a mad dash in the door. I had to
explain that it cost $5 a hour to log on,we could try it another time and he settled for candy instead. Yes I can still bribe him with candy.

I have been dying to get in here, the last 3 trips to Vegas I have attempted to go and I never make it. Now its in my own back yard. It was closed when we arrived. The cost $25 a person YIKES, thats a $100 for my family. I still intend to get in there, I keep picturing myself taking wacky pictures with the wax stars!

Hope your having a great day!!