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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stories in Hand

3rd day posting, Im on a roll!!!

Heres my stories in hand book, I couldnt find what I was looking for which was a 3 ring binder 6x6 board book. So I took a kids board book I picked up at the dollar store and created a book. I wanted my book binder in the inside off the book like a school binder. I like how this came out, I just need to fill it up so its nice a thick. I am not doing the class day by day (time is my issue) its great that I can log in and work on my own. What do ya think of my book? I really like my felt flowers I created myself!!!

If your just stopping by after my month lont hiatus scroll down for the last two post.

Thanks Sue!! for telling me how to pre schedule my post.



Roxy said...

all of these are cute!

TeresaW said...

Hello Jamia, your blog is so slick, you could do it professionally! Loads of photos and loads of ideas. Trouble is, I know, it takes time, and as you say "time is my issue". I think the book is great, I have the ideas but don't have the doing so I'm impressed with you in the first place anyway.

By the way I have just updated my blog address to could you update your SBS23 bookmark so you can find me again?

Many thanks.

One Creative Life said...

I love how your album turned out! I also added a gem to dot my I. Im glad you were able to sign up and participate. It was a great class and you cant beat the price :)