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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Calling all ribbon LOVERS!!

CHA 2008
No I wasnt there, do I wish I was, HECK YEAH!!! I have a friend that was. Look at whats coming our way. Clip it up has designed a really neat ribbon holder check it out.

The black channel holds almost 3 feet of ribbon stacked spool to spool. The stainless steel rod holds snipets of ribbon in place as they spill over the edge of the channel.

The unit measures exactly 1 yard to ease crafters in cutting ribbons. Smaller markings making ribbon snipping for card-makers a snap. Notice the 2nd stainless steel bar across the bottom with ‘clip-it’ on rings. This allows you to pin up smaller, unspooled pieces of ribbon. Seeing the ribbon, lets you keep track of what you have available for use. You’ll also notice the scissor holder on the right and left sides. Wow, a place for ribbon-only scissor.

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